Budget festive fun



Christmas is a time of joy, but shopping and parties can leave you skint before the big day. So instead of throwing money at it, why not take Noel back to its humble roots. Here are my five tips for budget festive fun.


  1. Bake it off, I bake it off…

Baking is pretty cheap and an easy way to get your house smelling festive. Among the meagre ingredients of your kitchen there’s bound to be a treat. Only got eggs and sugar, well then you can bake meringues! Or combine cereal and melted chocolate to make crispy cakes. No need for cook books, just enter your ingredients into Supercook website and it will provide the recipe.

Missing some vital tool (like an electric whisk) well why not ask your neighbours if you can borrow theirs, Christmas is a time of sharing after all. You can reward this generosity with some of the aforementioned cake.

  1. Give it away, give it away now…

Christmas is a time for giving, so it’s nice to include a bit of philanthropy. Can’t afford a donation? Then why not round up your old clothes and bric-a brac to give to a charity shop. One man’s junk is another man’s kitsch, so clear out the old and make room for the new. To find a charity shop near you, search your post code on Charity Retail’s search engine.

  1. Singing in the rain…

Carol concerts are a great way to get into the festive spirit; not to mention a cheap night out. From churches to high streets, every town has them and they are usually free to attend. You might not be Christian, you might not even like singing, but there is something magical about a candlelight chorus that’s had to resist.

One venue that runs a schedule of concerts is Glasgow Cathedral and details of these concerts can be found on its website.

  1. Watch me now…

With Christmas films the old ones are the best; so look out the TV guide and get them recorded. It’s a Wonderful Life, The Vicar’s Wife, White Christmas and Meet me in St Louis are just some worth digging out. Don’t have a smart TV? Then download sites, charity shops and libraries are good places to source them. But if you do have a bit of cash to splash why go to the Glasgow Film Theatre, which dedicates some of its December bill to such vintage views.

  1. Read all about it…

Libraries, among other council buildings, host great Christmas events. Not just linear celebrations, but interactive craft and literary workshops. This year Dennistoun Library revamped its interior to look like Narnia’s winter wonderland, a perfect setting for its C.S. Lewis- fest. Admittedly this was aimed at kids, but it shows the free festive events that could be under your nose! For Christmas events in Glasgow, check out Glasgow Life’s website.


So take heed, Yule tide celebrations need not cost the earth. Get out there and deck the halls.








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