The Labyrinth Inside 

The lab inside

Exploring inner turmoil in inner London is the modern art exhibition, The Labyrinth Inside. Running from 4 – 21 November, at Lacey Contemporary Gallery, the show features work from Katrine Roberts and Angela Smith.

Roberts said: “Angela and I met through Lacey Contemporary Gallery; we were both approached a little over a year ago by Andrew Lacey, who founded the space.

“In this instance we were selected to show alongside one another. We share a common ground in our visual language and overlapping concerns with woven, tangled forms depicting strange, abstruse creatures or environments.”

These environments are featured in paintings and an installation at the Lacey Contemporary Gallery. The works explore themes of the psyche and body, in an interactive way.

Roberts said: “The Gallery space is used as a metaphor, the materials’ movements and audience participation bringing attention to the life breathed into any space once inhabited.”

This affect is achieved by splitting the Gallery in half, with Smith’s work at the front and Roberts’ at the back.

Roberts detailed: “We chose to divide our work, to allow each of our ‘worlds’ to breathe, with a pendulum-like interaction between the two.”

Roberts’ work consists of paintings on canvas and board, as well as an installation that paints the gallery structure.

She said: “I have made a number of installations in the past, often using paint, paper and tools to cut into the walls; but each piece takes on a different form, as every space is different.”

Having graduated from the Royal College of Art in July, with an MA in Painting; Roberts first gained a BA in Fine Art Painting at London Art School, in 2011. Since then she has been working as a professional artist.

Recounting her proudest achievements, Roberts said: “I was so excited to be selected for the Catlin Guide in 2012. Then it was great being included alongside artists I admire, such as Carla Busutill, in South Korea’s Space K Galleries. But more recently my proudest achievement has been being shortlisted for the Griffin Art Prize.”

The Griffin Art Prize is a competition that celebrates the UK’s best emerging artists. Its winner will be announced at the Private View, on 18 November.

An exhibition of work by all of the shortlisted artists, including Roberts, will be held at West London’s Griffin Gallery, from 19 November to 18 December.

As well as exhibitions, Roberts has been busy founding a contemporary art forum called ArtNow.Discuss, which focuses on discussion and projects.

Roberts concluded: “Based in London, AN.D takes the form of interviews both online and offline with Artists, Curators, Gallery Managers, Project Managers, Collectors, Investors, Educators and Writers. It offers a multifaceted view of what is happening at this moment.”

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