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Cooking Pot

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Finding Glasgow’s heart through its stomach is the Centre for Contemporary Arts project the Cooking Pot.

Launched in September 2015, the ongoing venture has seen workshops, screenings and community meals pop up throughout the city.

Project founder and CCA Public Engagement Curator, Viviana Checchia, said: “By pulling together culinary knowledge of Glasgow’s local, permanent and temporary communities the programme discovers the cultures they share.”

She continued: “The Cooking Pot also investigates food production and distribution in local and international context; as well as food poverty and awareness.”

Helping the CCA has been a number of organisations, such as food outlets and interest groups, including: Camcorder Guerillas, Open Jar Collective, the Goethe Institute, Auticulture Network, bakery47, Ricefield, the Glad Cafe, Alsham, Milk, The Project Cafe, Rum, Egg and Muck, Tchai Ovna, Soul Food Sisters, Saramago Cafe bar, Kinning Park Complex, Alliance Francaise, Annie Higgins, The Italian Project, The Village Storytelling Centre, Woodlands Community Garden, and Xchange Scotland.

Checchia added: “We’ve had almost 500 participants in Cooking Pot so far; across 23 events around Glasgow.

“Coming up in the new year, we’ll also be working with Slow Food Youth Network Scotland, Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team, Lost Soup Kitchen, Glasgow Allotments Forum, Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre, Food Thought and The Fred Paton Centre.”

While some of the events will be held in external venues, others will be staged at the CCA.

Checchia explained that many Cooking Pot events are free ticketed, and family friendly.

She enthused: “Everyone should come along to one of our events!’

Event information can be found on the CCA websiteFacebook page and brochure.

Checchia concluded: “Not only do people love the Cooking Pot but they feel so inspired by it that they want to get more and more involved.

 “Food is Magic!”



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